BSP internships are awarded in a competitive review process. Many aspects are considered, including letters of recommendation and grades, difficulty and breadth of scientific courses taken, and extra-curricular activities that demonstrate an interest in science. Such activities could include anything from tutoring to science fair participation. Advance Placement (AP) level high school level biology curriculum is recommended for all applicants. If applicants are under 18 years of age during the internship period, BSP requieres a letter of permisson from parents or legal guardian(s) and a MA state work permit.

Only US citizens or permanent residents are eligible for BSP funding. The BSP fellowship is only for high school students, students who have started their university degree are not eligible (seniors who will start college in the fall are accepted). The BSP program does NOT provide housing. Applicants must live in Massachusetts or be able to arrange housing in or near Boston. Out of state applicants are only accepted if they are 18 or older by the start of the program. 

Basic Science Partnership offers summer internship to a selected number of students from its applicant pool each year. Dependeing of the availability of funds in a given year, a small allowance may be granted to the host laboratory to help defray the cost of research materials for the student´s project.