How to Apply

Students must send in several items to be considered for the high school fellowship: 

  1. First, students must prepare a resume of their educational history, including extra-curricular activities, grades and classes taken.
  2. One -to- three letters of recommendation, from teacher, department head, and/or mentor. References should include name, phone number, e-mail address, and occupation.
  3. Applicants must also send a letter of intent, detailing what he or she hopes to gain through participation in the fellowship and why he or she should be considered.
  4. If accepted, all fellows sign a photo-release form allowing their picture to be taken and used on the BSP website and in BSP publications at the discretion of BSP.
  5. If accepted, fellows under 18 should deliver a parental consent and a Massachusetts work permit.

Application materials must be submitted before the February 2nd deadline for participation the summer of the same calendar year. The students accepted are informed on March 13th. All paperwork should be sent to Kerry can also be reached at (617)-432-2697.