Medscience Summer School

MEDscience summer school is a program of Harvard Medical School, which involves high school students in the Medical world. Every year Dr. Julie Loyal and Dr. Nancy Oriol, with the assistance of medical and nursing students, host a group of around 12 students for a week.

Every day starts in the simulator room with a lecture to explain the key concepts related to the clinic case of that day, these clinic cases are frequent in the population, e. g. asthma and high artery pressure, it makes them more meaningful. After the lecture, the coordinators introduce the emergency case and with the help of the simulator, the students become physician and try to solve the clinical problem, considering the symptoms, habits, heritage and any risk factor that they learned that could be important. All of the students have the opportunity to be a physician for a moment.

During lunch, the students meet with a specialist physician who tells them about he/she currently study and the experience to be a doctor and give them many advices that they should consider if they really pursue the medical career.

Additionally to Harvard Medical School, the summer simulator has locations in Beth Israel Deaconesses Hospital and Children´s Hospital; where the students have access to training rooms that use to be the practice space of medical and nursing students, and with the help of professionals they practice how to put an intravenous injection or other medical procedures. At the end of every day, students are gathered for a summary of the day and to talk about theirs impressions and tell them the plan of the next day.